Tech Dive Thailand

Tech Deep (Tech 40/45/50)

tec deep tec 40 tec 45 tec 50

Tech 40/45/50 courses can be taken individually or combined. By combining into one larger course streamlines your technical diver education and taken as Tech Deep Diver course.

During these courses, you will be trained to dive with a backgas twin set or sidemount while using staged deco cylinders, up to 100% O2 enriched air blends to accelerate decompression and enhance the safety of your dives. Saftey skills are conducted in confined sessions followed by multiple open water dives and a minimum of 3 different shipwreck dives to apply learned skills and drills.

We have a variety of wrecks & deep dive sites around Koh Tao, making this an ideal location to take your Tech Deep Diver course. Check out our Shipwreck Database to learn more about these wrecks. 

12 Days, 3 confined sessions, 9 open water dives, 5 intermediate-depth dives, 4 deco shipwreck dives – 60,000 THB 


PADI Rescue Diver [or equivalent]

PADI Deep Diver [or equivalent]

PADI Enriched Air & Deep Diver Specialties [or equivalent]

At least 100 logged dives

At least 18 years old

If you don’t already meet these prerequisites it’s not a problem, reach out to let us know your current dive experience and we will work out the best way to progress you to the required level.

Tech deep courses at Davy Jones’ Locker are taught by seasoned Technical Instructor Trainer Tim Lawrence and Technical Instructor Julia Alberione. Tim has Instructor/Instructor Trainer ratings with BSAC, DSAT, RAID, IANTD, ANDI, TDI. Julia is a female pioneer in technical diving with over 20 years experience in the diving industry. 

Tim has a passion for technical diving and has owned & run several dive centers, teaching technical diving in a variety of locations around the world and a member of Explorer’s Club New York and the founder of South East Asia Explorer’s Club. He has been featured in several publications including Diver Magazine and Undersea Journal.

During his dive career, Tim has searched for and located several deep shipwrecks on the bottom of the sea. Notable discoveries include 2 airplanes, several tankers, a variety of wrecks from WW2 and a 2000-year-old Roman wreck. Tim has also found many more recent commercial vessels as well as Chinese pottery shipwrecks.

Tim is a vastly experienced instructor who has a continued motivation to push the boundaries of technical diving. By bringing his own personal experiences to the Tech Deep framework, students are guaranteed an exceptional level of training. With over 25 years of Technical diving experience, Tim has a deep understanding of the dangers involved in this pursuit. He ensures that every student reaches the required performance level to gain certification.