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Tech Trimix 90

Female tech diver holding mooring line.

The Tech Trimix 90 course is an Advanced Trimix course introducing travel gas, advanced safety drills and using 4 gases on 5 tanks. Hypoxic Trimix is the industry standard for exploration diving.

The course consists of 6 dives at a maximum of 90 meters, not including check out dives, and conducted on appropriate shipwrecks found around the Gulf.  The exact price will depend on the distance to the dive site. Can be conducted in Song Hong cave, if cave qualified. Courses will be to a maximum depth of 90 meters for PADI and 100 meters for ANDI.

The course can be run in Open Circuit or CCR configurations. 

6 dives + check out dives, 4 gases, 5 tanks – 50,000 THB (Helium and sorb not included)

Trimix 65 and Trimix 90 combined package 80,000 THB plus gas


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