Tech Dive Thailand

Tech 45

Tec 45

Once you have reached the level of Tech 40 you can take your Technical Diver training further with the Tech 45 course. Training for Tech 45 is available in backmount or sidemount configuration depending on preference or application.

Building upon the education from Tech 40 or equivalent rating, this course will introduce extra safety procedures. The course consists of 1 confined environment session, 3 open water dives and 1 deco shipwreck dive on the Unicorn with appropriate decompression. 

The Tech 45 course trains you to dive to 45 meters, using up to 100 % pure Oxygen to accelerate decompression or enhance the safety of an air decompression dive at the instructors discretion. 

You will learn how to handle any emergencies that may happen while you are Technical Diving. This could be a diver running out of gas, or regulators failing during a dive and the possibility of a diver becoming unconscious. Drills involve handling emergencies during decompression stops as you cannot ascend to the surface in an emergency.

4 days, 1 confined, 3 open water dives, 1 deco shipwreck dive, Max depth 45 meters, 3 tanks – 24,000 THB