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ANDI Advanced Technical Wreck course

ANDI Advanced Technical Wreck course

The ANDI Advanced Technical Wreck course consists of 6 dives in an overhead environment. This is a full penetration course which will enable you to safely access the interior of wrecks.  The course focuses on essential technical diving skills such as trim and buoyancy. Proficiency in situational awareness and weighting is also a priority.

During the course you will gain experience team diving in limited or zero visibility. There will also be elements of stress control and dealing with intensive task loading situations.


Minimum 18 years old

At least 50 logged dives

Basic Deco

Safe Air Wreck Diver or equivalent wreck diver certification

Complete SafeAir Diver or equivalent (i.e Advanced Nitrox)

Technical SafeAir Diver or equivalent (i.e Tech 45/DP)

Cost; 30,000 thb