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Tech 50

tec 50

Tech 50 continues to build on the skills learned in Tech 40 & 45 courses or equivalent rating. The course consists of 2 intermediate-depth training dives, 2 accelerated deco dives using 4 tanks with 3 gases up to 100% Oxygen to a max depth of 50 meters. Training dives are conducted on HTMS Sattakut followed by 2 dives on the Torpedo, Schooner or an equivalent depth shipwreck.

Tech 50 is a full technical certification and the highest certification level for deep Air/Nitrox diving, laying the foundation to continue to start your Trimix training and reach places few will ever go. 

Drills will continue practicing how to handle emergencies, sometimes more than one at a time. Including but not limited to, unconscious diver, bladder failure, loss of gas, failed equipment, loss of deco gas, losing equipment such as mask or deco plan. This course really pushes your limits and will prepare you to be a proficient Technical Diver.

Training for Tech 50 is available in backmount or sidemount configuration depending on preference or application. 

4 days, 2 intermediate-depth training dives, 2 accelerated deco dives, 4 tanks and 3 gases, Max depth 50 meters – 30,000 THB