Tech Dive Thailand

Tech 40

Tech diver entering the water from big boat.

The Tech 40 course lays the foundation for your technical diving career as you will be able to dive further, deeper and longer. Introduction begins with primary safety skills and drills in confined sessions followed by 4 open water dives, 3 intermediate depth dives and 1 decompression dive on the MV Trident or equivalent shipwreck.

Tech 40 lays the foundations for Technical diving. The Tech 40 course is an Advanced Nitrox course and qualifies you to make gas switch extended no-stop dives and decompression dives with limited to 10 minutes maximum decompression using Nitrox 50 percent. 

Training will include problem solving specific to 40 meter decompression dives. 

Training for Tech 40 is available in backmount or sidemount configuration depending on preference or application with 2 gases and 3 tanks. 

3-4 Days, 4 open water dives, 3 intermediate-depth dives and 1 deco dive, Max 40 meters – 24,000 THB