Tech Dive Thailand

Tech Fun Dives

technical diving

We are happy to organize Tech fun dives for certified divers as Koh Tao and the Gulf of Thailand have a variety of Tech and Wreck dive sites suitable for all abilities.

Diving on CCR? Get your hours up with a CCR fun diving package. 

Open Circuit Tech Fun Dives

 3 tanks for 2,500 THB or 4 tanks for 3,000 THB. Price is subject to the distance to marks.

Closed Circuit Rebreather Fun Diving Package

If you have your own rebreather unit and would like to fun dive get your hours up, we can offer a 4 dive package for only 4,700 THB, plus sorb which is 1000 THB per fill.

Dive duration is approximately 90-120 minutes, diving with a certified CCR instructor. We also provide a workstation for working on your unit as well as have 3 litre cylinders available for rent. Oxygen and dill fill are included and helium is available on request, charged at 2 THB per litre.

Closed Circuit Rebreather rental

If you would like to rent a rebreather unit, they are available at a cost of 3000 THB per dive, plus sorb which is 1000 THB per fill. We also require a deposit of 300 Euros for the use of the unit.