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Tech Trimix 65

Tec Trimix 65

The Tech Trimix 65 course introduces students to the benefits of diving on Normoxic Trimix. Using a normoxic helium gas mixture at a maximum depth of 65 meters, as well as up to 100% oxygen to accelerate decompression, allows for deeper dives and longer bottom times. 

Students will learn how to make accelerated decompression dives, carry four to five tanks as required for the dives needs, advanced safety drills and rolling tanks. 

1 day of 2 checkout dives, 4-6 training dives, minimum 2 trimix accelerated decompression dives on the Torpedo or equivalent shipwreck at the same depth (subject to weather)

The course can be run in Open Circuit or CCR configurations. 

40,000 THB (does not include Helium or sorb)

Trimix 65 and Trimix 90 combined package 80,000 THB plus gas and sorb


Tech 50 (or equivalent)

18 years old