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Tec Deep (Tec 40, Tec 45, Tec 50)

tec deep tec 40 tec 45 tec 50

PADI’s DSAT Tec Deep course enables you to undertake deep decompression dives to a depth of 50 metres.

During this course you will be trained to dive with a twin set and stage/deco cylinders, using up to 100% O2 enriched air blends to accelerate your decompression schedule, or enhance the safety of your dive.

We have a variety of wrecks & deep dive sites around Koh Tao, which makes this an ideal location to take your DSAT Tec Deep course. This is a challenging course, but if you’re the right kind of person deep technical diving is an exhilarating experience. By taking your DSAT Tec training with Davy Jones Locker you’ll get the opportunity to make deep wreck dives around Koh Tao, plus you will gain the experience to work & dive on tech liveaboards further afield.

The Pre-requisites for DSAT Tec Deep Course are

PADI Advanced Open Water & Rescue Diver [or equivalent]

PADI Enriched Air & Deep Diver Specialties [or equivalent]

At least 100 logged dives | 20 enriched air dives | 25 dives deeper than 18 metres| 15 dives deeper than 30 metres

At least 18 years old

If you don’t already meet these prerequisites it’s not a problem – if you contact us and let us us know your current dive experience we’ll work out the best way to progress you to the required level.

DSAT Tec deep courses at Davy Jones Locker are taught by seasoned technical diving instructor Tim Lawrence.

Tim has a passion for technical diving, and has owned & run a number of dive centres, teaching diving in a variety of locations around the world.

During his dive career Tim has searched for & located many deep ship wrecks. Notable discoveries include 2 aeroplanes, several tankers, a variety of wrecks from WW2, a 2000 year old Roman wreck. Tim has also found many more recent commercial vessels.

Tim is a vastly experienced instructor who has a continued motivation to push the boundaries of technical diving. By bringing his own personal experiences to the DSAT Tec Deep framework, students are guaranteed an exceptional level of the training. With many years of Technical diving experience under his belt Tim has a deep understanding of the dangers involved in this pursuit. He ensures that every student reaches the required performance level in order to gain certification.

[DSAT Tec Deep | Course Structure]

The training requirements for this course include academic development, shallow water skills and progressively deeper dives.

This will be spread over 10 days & includes at least 13 dives. However, if you need more time, we will be happy to accommodate this.

Here is a breakdown of the different elements that the course covers;

DSAT Tec deep theory

Theory content of the DSAT Tec Deep Course includes:

Tech diving equipment configuration

Risks & responsibilities

Gas & dive planning

Emergency procedures

Techniques & procedures

This will cover topics such as:

Decompression sickness / field neuro exams

Deco planning & NOTOX Gas switches, gas matching

Narcosis management

Equipment maintenance, oxygen compatibility

MODs, dive planning, dive objectives & runtimes

Principles for surviving a tech dive!

Shallow water skills

In shallow water, training skills & drills will include the following:

Bubble & descent checks

Buoyancy control with tech gear

Deploying lift bags, use of reels

Determining SAC rate

Gas shutdown drills

Long hose gas sharing

NOTOX gas switches

Weight checks

We will ensure that you are completely competent in conducting these skills in shallow water before we proceed deeper.

Open Water Tech Dives

You will build up your depth experience through open water Technical dives on a variety of wrecks and pinnacles around Koh Tao. This will enable you to progress to a 50 metre Tech Dive at the Unicorn Shipwreck north of Koh Tao, where we will take you for two deep deco dives.

All of your shallow water skills training will be put into practice before finally being certified as a DSAT TEC Deep diver.

The DSAT Tec Deep course is  currently on special offer for 55,000 baht.

This includes:

DSAT Tec Deep crewpack [manual, slates]

Use of all technical diving equipment


All required training dives & gases

i.e. no hidden extras!

This includes the Open Water dives, conducted on Koh Tao’s local dive sites.