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Tec 50

tec 50

The DSAT Tec 50 is now taking your Technical Diving to a whole other level. Now you can dive using multiple deco gasses, with unlimited decompression to a depth of 50m. Now not only can you spend a serious amount of time down there, you can also really start accelerating your decompression stops. This is a full technical certification, and the highest level of deep Air/Nitrox diving. You will be also be ready to start your Trimix training and reach places few will ever go.

Now we start really pushing you on the training dives, dealing with constant emergencies, sometimes a few at a time. Including but not limited to, unconscious diver, BCD failure, Loss of gas, failed equipment, loss of deco gas, losing equipment such as mask or deco plan. Plus many more! This course really pushes your limits and make you into an all-round Technical Diver.

Duration: 4 Days

Cost: 25,000 THB