Tech Dive Thailand



At Davy Jones Tech we offer a wide range of specialist Tech Diving Courses ranging from Nitrox courses all the way through to Advanced Trimix. We also offer a good range of Cave, Wreck and servicing courses and professional courses and packages such as boat handling and dive shop operations. Our instructors currently teach and certify with the following organizations: PADI /DSAT , ANDI, and IANTD

sidemount courses

Our training is are based on expedition diving, so you will experience a wide range of technical diving situations at the dive sites we visit. We have a high speed RHIB with a sounder for locating the many unmarked wrecks in the area and it is always an aim to try to find new ones. We complete our Trimix and Advanced Trimix courses on the Gulf Of Thailand expeditions or at Khao Sok National Park/ Song Hong Sinkhole.


Course List

GUE Tech / Skills Development Courses
GUE Fundamentals (Recreational)4 DaysOpen water20,000
GUE Fundamentals (Technical)4-5 DaysOpen water20,000


PADI/DSAT Tech Courses
Tec Basics2 DaysAdvanced Open water10,000
DSAT Tec 404 DaysNitrox and Advanced20,000
DSAT Tec 454 DaysTec 4025,000
DSAT Tec 504 DaysTec 4530,000
PADI TecRec 40/45/50 Package10 DaysNitrox+Rescue+100 dives55,000
PADI TecRec Trimix 654 DaysTec 5025,000
PADI TecRec Trimix 907 DaysTec 5065,000
PADI Sidemount3 DaysOpenwater12,000
PADI Tech Sidemount4 DaysOpenwater15,000


The PADI TecRec course price includes everything, books, certifications, boat, nitrox and oxygen, plus accommodation in the backpackers hostel.

The PADI TecRecTrimix courses include all this but doesn’t include helium gas which is charged at 3 baht a litre


PADI TecRec Instructor Courses
PADI Tec 40 Instructor5 DaysTec 45 + MSDT30,000
PADI Tec Deep InstructorVariesTec 50 + MSDT + Experience65,000
Tec 40 Instructor UpgradeVariesTec 40 instructor40,000


The PADI TecRec instructor course price includes gas but does not include accommodation or PADI Fees and students must have own equipment.

Cave Diving
ANDI Cave Diver up to level 465,000
Wreck Diving
Advanced Wreck4 DaysTec 45/Extended Range17,000


Compressor Operator2 Days6000
Equipment Specialty3 Days9000
DSAT Gas Blender2 DaysNitrox Diver9000
Dive Shop Ops Package6 DaysNitrox Diver20,000