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ANDI – CCR Rebreather course

ANDI - CCR Rebreather course

The ANDI CCR Rebreather course lasts for 7 days. It is designed to give students understanding and knowledge of CCR systems and how they function. During the course you will be taught general rebreather theory which includes the following;

History of usage, knowledge of different types of rebreather and the principles behind how they function. You will also be taught about hypoxia, hyperoxia and hypercapnia.

There will be theory taught which is specific to the rebreather unit you will be using.

Practical theory will include the following;

Becoming acquainted with the rebreather, planning a dive and solving problems. The procedures you should take before, during and after a dive. Finally, equipment maintenance and storage will also be taught.

The process of getting acquainted with the rebreather will initially take place during confined environment exercises and will be followed by 6 dives in open water.

The duration of the course is 7 days. This will consist of a minimum of 16 hours theory with 4 hours confined environment exercises and 6 open water dives.

ANDI CCR Rebreather prequisites.

Students must be aged 18 years or over.

Open water certification is required.

Stutends need to have completed a minimum of 50 logged dives to take this course. The logged dives must be completed the logged dives in an environment similar to that which the course is being taught.

ANDI CSU (level 2) SafeAir certification equivalent.

Firstly, a pre test  needs to be passed. This is a written exam consisting of subjects covered in the CSU level 2 SafeAir course . The subjects covered will be relevant to closed circuit rebreather diving.

Students should have knowledge and be competent with the equipment required to take this course. This does exclude the rebreather itself however which you will be trained to use.

Every student has to be passed medically fit to dive. In addition, they will also need to have signed an ANDI CCR liability waiver. An instructor may also request a medical.

The course cost is 40,000 thb which includes use of an AP Inspiration CCR unit, gas and scrubber.

Closed Circuit Rebreather rental

If you would like to rent a rebreather unit they are available at a cost of 3000 thb per dive, plus sorb which is 1000 thb per fill. We also require a deposit of 300 Euros for the use of the unit.

Closed Circuit Rebreather fun diving package

If you have your own rebreather unit and would like to fun dive here, we can offer a 4 dive package which costs 4,700 thb, plus sorb which is 1000 thb per fill. Dive duration is approximately 90 minutes, diving with a ccr instructor. We also provide a work station so you can work on your unit and 3 ltr cylinders are available to rent. O2 and dill fill are included and helium is available on request, charged at 2 thb a litre.