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Cavern and Cave Diving courses

Cavern and Cave Diving courses

Cavern and Cave diving courses give you the opportunity to explore an underwater world that very few people ever get to see.  These courses train you to navigate overhead environments with limited visibility. At DJL when we teach cavern and cave diving courses we offer ANDI certification with training by Bruce Konefe.

You can see details of the ANDI cavern and cave diving courses below.

Cavern and Cave diving courses.

Level 2 Cavern Diver course.

The Cavern Diver course usually lasts 3-4 days. While you do penetrate the cavern you will remain in the daylight zone. There is no decompression during this course. You will only need to carry one tank and RBS. The skills that divers require to complete this course revolve around safety and include line laying and out of air drills.

Open Circuit – Diver level – 27,000 thb.  CCR – Diver level 30,000 thb.

Open Circuit – Instructor level – 30,000 thb.   CCR – instructor level 35,000 thb.

Level 3 Cave Diver course.

Once students reach the standard to dive a cavern the next step is full penetration of a cave. The level of skills required to successfully complete the Cave Diver course increases significantly from the safety based skills of the Cavern Diver course. You will learn the procedures for locating your buddy if they get lost, getting out of an entanglement situation, and what to do if you lose the main line. You will be decompression diving on double tanks as you venture further into the cave system.

Open Circuit – Diver level – 27,000 thb.  CCR – Diver level 30,000 thb.

Open Circuit – Instructor level – 30,000 thb CCR – Instructor level 35,000 thb.

Level 4 Full Cave course.

The Full Cave course will train you up to the highest standard. You will be using full technical equipment and will learn how to do jumps and gaps and also how to contend with smaller restrictions. Part of the Full Cave course focuses on teaching students how to stage tanks which enables additional penetration.Your instructor will bring this into practice on 2 of the dives where 1 tank will be staged and 2 further dives where 2 tanks are staged.

Open Circuit – Diver Level – 47,000.  CCR – Diver level – 55,000.

Open Circuit – Instructor Level – 50,000. CCR – Instructor level 60,000.

Cavern to Full cave package.

Open Circuit – Diver level – 80,000 thb.  CCR – Diver level – 105,000.

Level 5 Cave Exploration course.

The Cave Exploration course teaches students how to dive deep caves. Narcosis is an issue to avoid in an overhead environment. Therefore students need to be using optimum oxygen and helium mixes. During this course we teach students how to stage multiple tanks, setting up a habitat and breathing o2 whilst they are in a habitat.

Open Circuit – Diver Level – 30,000 thb.

Open Circuit – Instructor level – 35,000 thb.

Find out more about Davy Jones Lockers’ previous Cave Diving expeditions at our SEA Explorers Club blog. Students can train using open circuit or closed circuit rebreather. Please contact us for further details about course dates and costs.