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ANDI Technical Diving Courses

ANDI Technical Diving Courses

ANDI international is a dive agency that develops training programs for ANDI technical diving and closed circuit rebreathers (CCR). This is a progression from the Enriched Air Nitrox (SafeAir) programmes which is ANDIs’ orginal speciality. Although it still teaches SafeAir user courses, ANDI also uses a variety of other programmes. This includes Rebreather training for SCR and CCR systems, Technical and exploration programmes and Instructor programmes.

ANDI is a worldwide diving agency with regional headquarters around the world. These areas include Europe, the Middle East, India, Asia, Latin America and also the home office in the United States.

At Davy Jones Locker we currently offer ANDI courses for Closed Circuit Rebreather and Cave diving in conjunction with respected ANDI Instructor Bruce Konefe. In addition our Tech Department also offers the Complete SafeAir User course which is equivalent to an Advanced Nitrox certification